The cost-effective way to screen candidates at scale

Traditional hiring practices are expensive and time-consuming. Reduce your hiring overhead with Candvue candidate screening software.

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Create Company Profile and Job Profile

Start by entering the details for your company profile. Once that's done, dive into the specifics of the job profile. You can add multiple company or job profiles to personalize your experience!


Add Question and Send Link to Candidates

Add variety of questions relevant to the job position you are hiring for. Then, share a link containing all the questions for candidates to open and respond to.

Review and Rate: Evaluating Candidate Responses

Effortlessly assess and rate candidate responses with 'Review and Rate' feature. Streamline your evaluation process as you carefully analyze candidate submissions, making informed decisions that align with your hiring needs.


Elevate the efficiency of hiring andSave valuable time.

Enhance the effectiveness of your hiring procedure